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The xHarbour Developers

We are grateful to have GREAT developers coding the core compiler of xHarbour and it's components. We have a unique team, of over 30 active developers, which is what makes this project "ticks". At least 6 of these amazing developers are responsible for the success of complete critical sub-systems, and countless other contributions:

 - Giancarlo Niccolai
 - Horacio Dario Roldan
 - Phil Krylov
 - Przemyslaw Czerpak
 - Ron Pinkas
 - Walter Negro

Most xHarbour Developers have contributed far more then code, by providing tireless tech support, and responsiveness to all kind of input from xHarbour Users. Specific developer deserves special mention for his stubborn dedication, in countless forums, and multiple languages:

 - Luiz Rafael Culik Guimaraes

Special thank must also be given to our web master. He provides's home web space, Web Server, News groups, Email services. He also does the design the web pages:

 - Patrick Mast

Additionally, we are forever thankful to Charles Kwon, Oh-Jung for being one of the first believer in xHarbour, and providing it's first home for web and news group presence on the internet.
Finally, here is the list of the magnificent xHarbour Developers. They provided critical fixes, creative solution, guidance, portability solutions, and immeasurable other contributions:

 - Alex Shashkov
 - Alex Strickland
 - Andi Jahja
 - Andres Reyes
 - Andrew Wos
 - Antonio Carlos Pantaglione
 - Ath
 - Ayreon
 - Augusto Infante
 - Brian Hays
 - Budyanto Djajapermana
 - Eduardo Fernandes
 - Enrico Maria Giordano
 - Francesco Perillo
 - Francesco Saverio Giudice
 - Gerald Drouillard
 - Giancarlo Niccolai
 - Gianluca Piemonte
 - HaZi01
 - Henryk Olkowski
 - Horacio Dario Roldan
 - Ian Anderson
 - Ignacio Ortiz de Zuńiga
 - Jacek Potempa
 - Jean-François Lefebvre
 - José F. Giménez
 - Juan Galvez
 - Kwon,Oh-Jun
 - Lance Owens
 - Lorenzo Fiorini
 - Luis Krause Mantilla
 - Luiz Rafael Culik
 - Marcelo Anelli
 - Marcelo Lombardo
 - Marcos Antonio Gambeta
 - Marek Paliwoda
 - Martin Vogel
 - Mauricio Abre
 - Maurilio Longo
 - Mighty-Siil
 - Miguel Angel Marchuet Frutos
 - Mindaugas Kavaliauskas
 - Nick Van Dyck
 - Niko Mikkilä
 - Patrick Fan
 - Patrick Mast
 - Paul Tucker
 - Pavel Tsarenko
 - Peter Rees
 - Phil Krylov
 - Philip Chee
 - Pritpal Bedi
 - Przemyslaw Czerpak
 - Ranier Vilela
 - Rodd Graham
 - Rodrigo Moreno dos Santos Migue
 - Ron Christie
 - Ron Pinkas
 - Sylvain Robert
 - Tommi Rouvali
 - Ton Huisman
 - Tony Bretado
 - Vicente Guerra
 - Walter Negro

Additionally, this project would NOT have existed, if not for:

 - Antonio Linares

His vision, drive, inspiration, and initial work made [x]Harbour a

Additional  foundation work was provided by the following members of the
Harbour Project:

 - Alexander Kresin
 - Bruno Cantero
 - Edie Runia
 - JF. Lefebvre
 - Ryszard Glab
 - Viktor Szakáts

You may review the complete list of the Harbour Developers on SourceForge at and on the Harbour Project web site at

We should all appreciate their immense contributions, and appreciate the
SCOPE of this project.


Joining the Team

If you want to join the xHarbour team and thus have access to the developers mailing list and CVS, write us a short curriculum at

The main programming language use to develop xHarbour and it's components is C, few subsystems use minor constructs of C++ and the libraries are mostly written in xHarbour itself.

Select your Subsystem of Interest

This section gives you a quick overview about the different xHarbour Subsystems from a developers point of view. You will locate the subsystems as folders in the source codes


vm - Virtual Machine










xHarbour Developers

How to connect to xHarbour CVS

xHarbour developers use CVS ( Concurrent Versions System ) as their version control system for the source code of the xHarbour compiler and it's contributions. All source code files are saved on the CVS servers from SourceForge.

This is a short guideline on how to connect to xHarbour's CVS and how to retrieve all files from CVS.

IMPORTANT: It is strongly encouraged to ONLY use STABLE xHarbour builds if you want to develop end-user applications with xHarbour. Stable builds are available from the download page. Building xHarbour from CVS code can result in a unstable xHarbour, and therefore, a unstable end-user application if compiled with the unstable xHarbour. The code that is on CVS is ONLY for developers who are developing xHarbour itself. You have been warned ;-)

Mostly used CVS client tool used by the xHarbour developers is "Tortoise CVS". It's a freely available CVS clients under the GPL license. Tortoise CVS can be downloaded from their web pages at Be sure to always use the latest of Tortoise. BTW, this is true for ALL the tools you use. ALWAYS use the latest stable versions.

When you have installed Tortoise, open up your "My Computer" and right click on the drive where you want to save the xHarbour source files. The Tortoise menu will appear. Now click on "CVS Checkout".

Tortoise will pop up a "Checkout Module" dialog. Fill in all the fields like this:

Click on "OK" to start retrieving all xHarbour source files from SourceForge's CVS servers.

If you want to update your xHarbour source directory at a later time, open up Windows explorer or any of your favorite file management tool. Go to the drive where the xHarbour directory is located, and right click on it.


Choose "CVS Update" to get the latest xHarbour source files from CVS.




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