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Third Party Products

Third Party Products

These are some links to xHarbour related 3rd party products:

DBF/xHarbour components for Delphi

Free Delphi components providing access to DBFs and xHarbour functions.


A commercial visual report designer for Fivewin.


A commercial Win32 GUI library.

FastReport for Harbour and xHarbour

FastReport (FR) is a modern visual report generator and also allows multiple exports: PDF, XLS, HTML, RTF, CSV, etc.


A free opensource Win32 and Linux (GTK) GUI library.

Mahmoud DoubleS (Super Server) Framework

A free opensource framework for WIN32 Applications based on Harbour/MiniGUI.

Mediator RDD for xHarbour

A free and commercial RDD for connecting to SQL databases.


A free opensource Win32 GUI library.

NTK Project

A commercial Win32 GUI library (a free limited version is also available).


A free opensource GUI library derived from MiniGUI.

PageScript 32

A free Windows printing libraries.

printWin - Print & Preview for [x]Harbour

A commercial library to convert and create reports in FastReport, Xailer, Fivewin, HMG, Minigui, ooHG, Qt, PageScript, Hwgui, Win32prn.


A free opensource GUI library (GTK+).

Terminal software for xHarbour

A commercial driver for working in terminal mode.


A commercial CDRom recorder class for xHarbour and/or Fivewin.


A commercial library of true-transparent bitmap controls for xHarbour and Fivewin.


A free opensource Clip4Win-compatible Win-API library for Harbour and xHarbour.


A commercial visual development environment.


A free opensource xbase OO wrapper for GTK+. SQLRDD + SQLEX for Windows & Linux

A commercial RDD to access SQL database servers. XBScript ActiveX Script for Windows

A free full featured scripting language engine. xHarbour Builder

A commercial version of xHarbour with many useful add-ons.


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