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Joining the xHarbour team is so easy. You have to download some programs and after that you are able to view and modify the source codes.

The main programming language is C. Big parts of the runtime libraries are naturally written in xHarbour itself.

Hungry? - Have a little patience and simply process the following steps.

xHarbour Subsystems

Get an overview of the different xHarbour Subsystems from a developers point of view. You will locate later the subsystems as folders in the source code.

Languages and Compiler

An fundamental part of an Open Source Project is the programming language it uses. Review the informations about the used languages and supported compilers.

Licensing Issues

To avoid missunderstandings, you should review this article about licensing issues in open sources projects.

The Source Codes

The simplest way to retrieve the source codes is downloading it directly from the the download section.

Working with GitHub

xHarbour is hosted on GitHub. GitHub keeps control over the project files, which are accessed by all project members. To gain access to GitHub you have to follow the GitHub instructions.

Coding Guidelines

Finally, before you start coding: to ensure readability and maintainability of the source code, please follow the few basic coding guidelines.

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