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xHarbour - The Product

xHarbour - The Product

Open Source Extended Clipper Language

xHarbour is a 100% practically backward compatible Clipper Language compiler and Pre-Processor. xHarbour can be compiled with the most popular C compilers and is available for Windows, Linux, DOS, OS/2, Mac OS X, FreeBSD and including the full source code. If you are not interested in xHarbour's source code or don't want to compile xHarbour by yourself, get the pre-compiled binaries from the download page.

In addition to its backwards compatiblility, xHarbour has a highly extended feature list, offering an elegant adaption of practically every popular modern language construct.

And of course, with the full availability of the source codes, xHarbour becomes the no. 1 choice for efficient clipper based developement.

xHarbour Fixes

Every known Clipper bug an/or omissions has been fixed.

xHarbour Enhancements

xHarbour offers many optimizations and enhancements over Clipper, Harbour, and for that matter any other xBase compiler.

xHarbour XBScript

xHarbour adds XBScript , which is a stand alone Script Interpreter, Dot Prompt Console and Pre-Processor.

Get xHarbour Today

What do you get? Review the contributions list and the third party products list to see what else is available for your xHarbour package.

And don't forget to have a look at the great applications developed with xHarbour.

You will need only a few minutes to write your first application using the popular Clipper Language. Find all necessary information and downloads in the Download Section.

Commercial Distribution

If you prefer commercial distributions with professional grade support, please review Inc, which is the commercial distributor of xHarbour. Inc. offers a Boxed version of xHarbour, printed manual and a separate support news group monitored by Inc.'s support team for a fast answer to your questions.


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