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xHarbour Required tools for Mac OS X and Darwin

To build xHarbour, you need the Mac OS X development tools. They are included in recent Mac OS X versions (install the Developer.pkg package from the Developer Tools CD). You can also download them after a free registration from here. On Darwin and OpenDarwin, the tools should be present in the default install.

If you have X11 then additional X11 screen drivers GTXVT and GTXWC will be created.

On Mac OS X 10.1.x (Darwin 5.x), you need to install ncurses, possibly via Fink or DarwinPorts packaging systems.

xHarbour can also use slang (also available via Fink or DarwinPorts), but remember that this library has more restricted license. If you want to build xHarbour compiler to create commercial closed source programs then before you run set environment variable HB_COMMERCE to "yes", f.e.:

export HB_COMMERCE=yes

We strongly suggest to run build process from non-root account.

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