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xHarbour reached BETA-1 status today. All binaries, contributions and sources are available from the download page.

Here are some of the fixes, and new features offered by Beta-1:

xHarbour Core compiler
  • General optimization as a whole in xHarbour functions which is aimed to speed boost.
  • Fixed all reported RDD, PP and RTL issues, except few minor issues in DBFNTX which is scheduled for a rewrite.
  • Extension of several xHarbour functions<
  • Bug fixes in compiler in relation with illegal characters and C output.
  • New [] Array operator overloading.
  • New Object Destructor.
  • Many Debugger fixes and improvements.
  • New GT Driver: GTWVT, allow to create apps more GUI friendly
  • full GUI is code is rewrite to use the full GTWVT power functions
  • New GT driver: GTAlleg, this GT use the powerful Allegro library to
  • create windows also Allegro library is mostly used for game programming
  • New C Extensions guidelines documentation.
  • C structures: New enhancements to support more C syntax, like:
    MyCStruct := (struct SOMESTRUCT)
    MyCStruct := (struct SOMESTRUCT) SomeValue
    MyCStruct := (struct SOMESTRUCT*) SomePointer
  • Improved to allow a Structure Tag to be used in StructureDefinitions.
  • Improved to allow a Structure Synonyms to be used in Structure Definitions.
  • Improved to allow astruct prefix to the Tag Name to be used in Structure Definitions.
  • Added support for LONGLONG and ULONGLONG. Now practically full C syntax is supported
  • C BIT Operators now support natively. (and, or, xor, shift-right, shift-left)
  • 64bit preparation and testing.
  • Greatly improved TBrowse.
  • New TStream class
  • Fixes and enhancements to TIP (Internet protocol library) classes.
  • Added FOR EACH and WITH OBJECT to XBScript (former PP)
  • Fixed and enhanced functions for background tasks
  • Added GTSYS() which works in similar way as RDDSYS
  • Added GTInfo()
  • Better FiveWin integration.
  • 4th parameter to Str()
  • More enhanced Directory() function
  • Now DBFCDX is the fastest RDD in the XBase world.
  • Extended DBF Field Types.
  • Now a DBF can have these field types:
    {"FDATE", "D", 3, 0 } // binary date filed like in SIX
    {"FNUM", "B", 8, x } // binary double
    {"INT2", "I", 2, 0 } // binary short int (16bit)
    {"INT4", "I", 4, 0 } // binary int (32bit)
    {"INT8", "I", 8, 0 } // binary long long int (64bit)
  • Added DBI_ISFLOCK to DBInfo()
  • OrdKeyNo and OrdKeyCount are buffered now.
  • New OrdWildSeek(cPatern, [lCont]) function
  • New dbSetDBFVersion() to allow setting default DBF creation type to VFP 0x30. Valid options are 0x30 (Standard DBF) and 0x03.
  • New function WILDMATCH( cPattern, cValue ) which works like SIX sx_WildMatch()
  • New ADS 7.0 client files
  • Several speed enhancements, especially for WAN or other slow connection.
  • Added support for Time and Timestamp Fields in ADT tables
  • Added several new functions. See ADS documentation for details.
  • The default is now to require a v6 or later ace32.lib (and therefore client machine DLLs)
    To use an older lib or DLLs one would recompile RDDADS with
  • SET settings like SET DELETED are now synchronized when the RDD is initialized, so you no longer have to be careful to use SETafter the call to rddRegister()
  • adsClearScope() method added


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