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ANSI X3.159-1989

The first C standard, published in 1989 from ANSI. In documentations, we refere to this standard as C89

ISO/IEC 9899:1990

The C89 standard was adopted by ISO/IEC in 1990 with only minor changes. In documentations we refere to this standard as C90.

ISO/IEC 14882:1998

The official C++ standard. In documentations we refere to this standard as CPP98.

xHarbour Project C Sources

You can use any C89 / C90 conforming compiler to compile the xHarbour sourcecodes. Additionally, you can use any CPP98 conforming compiler.

Single Line Comments

Most C89/C90 compilers support "//" style comments, although this is not part of the standard. The xHarbour C Sources use those style of comments for single line comments.

Code Style Workarounds

"Free Blocks" are used, where an variable declaration in middle of a function body is neccessary:

   ULONG *temp = ...
   memcopy( ULONG, ...

This increases source code readability, whilst allowing the code to be compiled by the C89 standard.

Supported Compilers

The xHarbour developement team supports officially the compilers listed below (providing binaries and libs).


  • DJGPP (GCC derivate)

Windows, free

  • CygWin (GCC derivate)
  • MingW (GCC derivate)
  • Open Watcomm
  • BCC55 (Freee Borland compiler 5.5.1)

Windows, commercial:

  • xCC


  • GCC


  • GCC


  • GCC

Further References about C Standards

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